Basketball tournement

Auguast 16/17 2021

This summer closer to the end of my seaon tournements were aloud since covid was not that bad. we had our first tournement in north vancouver and my whole team was so excited and ready for it. We had to wake up at 7am because our first game was at 10am the drive was fun since we were all together. We we got to the court an hour early and started getting ready putting our shoes on and warming up. The team was for sure taller then us but we were definitly better as we went in ti beat them by 24 points. we had 4 hours until our secoond game of the day so our whole team went to watch the other game which was also part of our club so we cheered them on. we then went to mcdonalds to eat and the team w beat was also there and it was really funny. we had so much fun in that mcdonoalds and so many memories were made ill never forget it. our second game was really intense as the lead changed by every possesion. we were tied at the last second and i had the ball instead of shootig i tried running really quick but couln't get the shot up in time so it went to overtime and my whole team was so tired but we fought throught it and my teamat shot a thee pointer in the last second to win the game and made it. We all went crazy and we were so happy!